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indiatopic.in is India's leading Hindi English Urdu online news portal to reach out to millions of Indians and Indian expatriates across the globe who are eager to stay in touch with their country. IndiaTopic gives you the freedom to raise your voice You can write your articles by logging in here directly via email.

Creator and office

IndiaTopic is an online web portal created by Indian person Furkan S Khan in the name of Fakharpur in September 23, 2015 which was renamed as IndiaTopic in October 27, 2017.

This is an online web portal operated from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Indiatopic aims to reach Indian expatriates working outside India in the Gulf and around the world to provide accurate information and news in their mother tongue.

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IndiaTopic warmly welcomes all the writers and journalists who love to work independently in the news media field, if you are a good writer and want to spread your articles to Indian diaspora working all over the world. Then this is a golden opportunity for you. You can reach out to millions of Indians through IndiaTopic. See more...

News Policy

Indiatopic has no news policy of its own. Whatever news, article is in public interest, is acceptable for publication. People can present their point in any way they want..

Religious Policy

IndiaTopic warmly welcomes all the parties in any subject. We follow the religion of neutrality and also prominently publish the denials, articles or views received against the published news, articles and views.

Objection filed

No data is stored on the IndiaTopic website, whatever information is entered on the website, the same document is stored in the system, quote email, name, profile photo.

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