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Islamic News: Well-known South Indian Motivational Speaker Sabarimala converted into Islam and she changed her name to Fatima

Well-known South Indian motivational speaker Sabarimala has converted to Islam, after converting to Islam, Sabarimala has gone for Umrah on the journey to Mecca, the holy place of Muslims.

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( 1 year ago - 03:48 PM IST)
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South Motivational Speaker Sabarimala has posted a video from Mecca in which she is saying that I'm Sabarimala after converting to Islam, have changed my name to Fatima which is the holy name of the daughter of the beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam.

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Seeing this video of Sabarimala has become increasingly viral on social media, people from all over the world are congratulating Sabarimala for converting to Islam.

Now they have named themselves Fatima, she says

I asked myself why there is so much hatred for Muslims in this country (India), and I started reading the Qur'an impartially, after that I came to know the truth and now I want Islam more than myself.

Sabarimala alias Fatima, requesting the Muslims, says that you people should take the Quran to all the people.

You (Muslims) have a wonderful book which you have hidden at home, the world should read this book.

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